Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day weekend

This photo is actually from the kids' last day of school (not this weekend).  It was costume/crazy outfit/whatever you want to wear day.  Here's what they chose.  (Wesley did put on shoes later.)

This weekend was the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Monroe (about 45 minutes south of Madison).

We got to watch them fill and fly 11 hot air balloons.

What a beautiful day to watch the balloons fly!

One of the balloons flew right over us and was really low compared to the other balloons.

It was fun to look right up into the balloon as it went over.

Happy Father's Day weekend!

The second line of balloons starting to go up.

There they go!

Check out the dragonfly I caught in this photo!  I didn't even know it was there until we got home and were looking at the photos.  It's fun to imagine it being at the same scale as the balloons.  :)

One of Claire's favorites with a beautiful sky background.

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