Thursday, June 30, 2016

Beach trip 2016

Annika and Claire enjoying the waves

Mermaid Claire

Loving the cousin fun

Mom and Grandma

Claire enjoying the sand castle

Wave jumping fun

Grandpa relaxing in the sun

Claire and Grady by the pool

Mark, Grandpa, and Mom on the beach in the early morning

The beach house this year

Linnea LOVING the pool

Cami, Linnea, and Andy on the beach

Wesley fishing with Uncle Lanny

Mom pulling Grady on the boogie board

Ann by the pool

Everyone on their way to the beach to see what games Mark and Leanne have come up with.

Charlie and Lanny

Team Purple ready to take on Team Green

Claire, Mom, and Wesley on the beach

Linnea and Andy ready for the games to begin

Dustin and Ann competing in the Bubble Trouble challenge.  They had to use their faces/mouths to find gum hidden in whipped cream.  The first one to blow a bubble won.  Ann won.

Cami and Annika competing in the Shiver Shirt challenge.  They had to put on frozen shirts.  First one on wins.  Annika won.

Grandpa enjoying the poolside chairs

Mark throwing Wesley in the pool with Leanne watching on.

Mom and Claire competing in the Sponge Bucket challenge.  Fill a bucket using only a sponge and dump the water on a competitor (Wesley or Charlie).

Claire won!

Grandpa and Grady competed in the Water Scrabble challenge.  They each popped water balloons filled with Scrabble tiles and had to spell a word with their letters first to win.  Grady won!

Cookie Monster challenge with Wesley against Charlie

Funny faces all around. 
Despite a valiant effort by Wesley, Charlie won.

Claire loving the pool

Last game challenge.  The whole Green team against Emily and Clayton.  The Green team had to compete three puzzles to Emily and Clayton's one.

The Green team's puzzles.  It was a tie!

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