Thursday, March 31, 2016


Headed to the park for the annual neighborhood egg hunt

Photo op with the Easter Bunny

Listening to instructions and ready to look for the golden egg

Coloring eggs

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break Fun

Geocaching adventure (no luck this time but found one near the zoo the next day)

Playing at a park near the geocaching site

Two monkeys at the zoo.  Enjoying the crisp, sunny weather before it's supposed to snow later this week.

Man that tiger is big!  And close!

The polar bear was playing near the glass today.  He'd dive underwater (and you can't see him because the water is dirty) and then scoop up right against the glass near the kids over and over again.  So fun!

The other bear was pacing right next to the glass.  Perfect viewing opportunities.

Look what I caught at the zoo!

Carousal ride!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

School spirit month

This month is School Spirit month at the kids' school.  Last Wednesday was Crazy Hair Day, and today is Mismatch Day.  We didn't have any trouble making Claire's hair cray or finding mismatched clothes for her.  Wesley, with short hair and a preference for blue and black pants, had a hard time both days.  We managed some (somewhat painful) tiny ponytails for Crazy Hair day and different socks and shoes for today.  He also found some pants with an orange stripe down the side that doesn't really match the green and red shirt he picked out (but it was a stretch).  Still, they had a lot of fun, and here are some pictures to share.