Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fox! Fox! Fox!

On Friday, the kids and I met a graduate student from the UW Urban Canid Project at our house to install two snares just beyond the fence in our backyard.  This morning (Sunday), we woke up to find a fox had been caught in one snare.  It happens to be a male fox that had been caught and radio-collared last year, but the group came out, tranquilized the animal, and took its vitals.  The current collar hadn't been working well, so they also replaced the collar with a new one.  Wesley LOVED helping out while they were working with the fox.  What a cool thing to take part in!

I took this shot with my telephoto lens from our bedroom window while we were waiting for the scientists to arrive.

Claire, a neighborhood friend, and Wesley watching the graduate student (Marcus; in the orange cap) wait for the fox to completely fall asleep after being drugged.

Wesley helping to take the fox's temperature.

They took the temperature every ten minutes to monitor the fox's condition.  Wesley loved that he was getting to help.

It was a large group in our backyard.  Nine from the UW group and a bunch of our neighbors all watching.

They also put in ear tags (along with the new collar) so that the public can more easily help with keeping track of sightings.  If we see a fox, we're supposed to list which color tags we see to help them monitor where the foxes travel in the city.

Waiting for the fox to wake up.  Wesley was supposed to help put the new collar on, but the fox started waking up sooner than expected, so Marcus had to do it quickly.

He came out from under the blanket, took one look at the group watching him, and ran off the other way.  He looked a little drunk (weaving a little from the drugs), but ran across the park.  He sat down on the other side of the park, shaking his head occasionally because of the new tags, and ended up running off about 10 minutes later.

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Nancy said...

Enjoyed reading about the fox catch and release on Sunday.
The Chicago cousins were captivated by the pictures you sent Grandpa.
Great Grandma was also very interested.