Sunday, September 6, 2015

Zoo trip!

Aunt Ann and Dustin visited us this weekend.  Along with a fun trips to the farmer's market and the pool and making donuts this morning, we went to the zoo.  Here are some favorite shots.

There were lots of particularly entertaining animals on this visit.  The giraffe spent a long time with his LONG tongue trying to get these branches to eat.
Claire showing me how the giraffe's tongue was super long.

He did eventually get the branch but had clearly gotten it before as it was stripped of leaves.

The grizzlies were taking a bath right up next to the window (and even though we didn't get a picture, the polar bears were wrestling in their pool too; so fun to watch!)

Outside the reptile house with Mom.

Wesley as the roaring lion and Claire as the scared zoo keeper.

What!?! We get slushies! Awesome!!!

Feeding the goats

Rock climbing since the children's playground was under construction

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Samantha said...

The lion and the zookeeper photo is great! The kids did a good time acting for that one.