Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Birthday girl!

Claire spent a VERY long time making this self portrait on the back patio.

She was very focused on making sure the details were accurate.  Check out the giraffe dress (that she used to wear and love but has now outgrown), the snowflakes on the umbrella that match her own, and the colored picture the chalk girl is holding.

I'm not sure where the idea for the green and orange heart pants came from, but the whole thing is amazing.

Claire wanted a Rapunzel birthday cake this year.  Here's my first attempt at making a cake completely covered in fondant.

Enjoying her birthday party at the Legacy Academy with her friends

Hard to get these motion shots in focus, and funny enough, I was standing too close and she ran right into me right after this picture was taken.  I have an extreme closeup in a different shot, but you can only make out the blue of her dress.  :)

Tower jumping


Getting ready to blow out the candles

Keeping her birthday wish a big secret so it will come true. 

Happy 5th birthday Claire!

Summer fun 3

Backyard silliness with the sprinkler

Sprinkler leaps

Sunflowers in bloom at Pope Farm

Trying to get a good shot of the kids, but the sun was too bright and the flowers were too tall to get a really good one.  Next time, we'll bring a stool.  :)

Summer fun 2

Enjoying a popsicle snack with Grammy and Poppa

Wesley playing on his first baseball team (the Cardinals, of course!)

Claire entertaining herself during the game

Summer fun

It's been a while since the last post.  We've been so buys having a great summer that I just haven't had time to post any of our pictures.  There are a lot of beach pictures from June, but those will have to wait a little longer.

At Camp Invention with his buddy, Maddox

Showing off a team invention (a 'cart' made from cardboard and a skateboard to navigate through an obstacle course)

Showing Mom and Grammy a maze that he created out of recycled goods

At the county fair visiting the piglets

Holding a chick

And a duckling

Another little piggie.  :)

Family photo (and potential future Christmas card photo??? hahaha)