Sunday, May 24, 2015

Another wedding

Charles' second cousin got married in Green Lake, WI.  Here we are finding a super cool fungus before the ceremony.

Beautiful weather for a lakeside wedding

Ryan's Dad, "Uncle" Rick was the officiant for the wedding

Wesley's photo of the surrounding lake and beach

Claire keeping herself entertained during the ceremony

Exchanging the vows

A great family photo with Jody, Rick, Charles, Ginny, Laurie, and Holly.  So much fun to see them all!

Wesley getting in on the fun

A magnatile creation from today to throw in.  :)

Claire's show - more pictures

Here are some still shots from Claire's classroom show.
The mandala the kids made from pictures of themselves.  On display at the show.

Crawling through the tunnel to start the show.

It's Claire!!!

Painting the floor with the other elves during the Painter and the Elves

Using their bottoms to paint the floor

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Claire's show - Pete the Cat

Claire doesn't have a main part in this story in the show, but it's really cute, so I couldn't help but post it. 

Claire's show

Claire's classroom had their end of the year show this morning.  Here are some clips from the show.  Although I charged the video camera's battery last night, it still died before the show was over, so it cuts out near the end of one part.  You can still see a lot of the show and how hard Claire and the other kids worked to make the show amazing.  :)

Here is a video of the intro for the show.  More to come in a few minutes.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Austin trip

Last weekend, we went to Austin for Aunt Emily's wedding.  She and Greg picked a gorgeous setting at Mayfield Park.

The park was filled with peacocks that added a lot of color (and some timely placed noises) to the event.

Waiting on Congressional Bridge to see the nightly departure of 1.5 million bats.  Unfortunately, they didn't really cooperate (they usually give the best performances starting in May)

At the Zilker Park botanical gardens

Checking out the turtles in the Japanese garden pond
Enjoying the butterfly garden

The gardens were filled with really neat walkways, bridges, pools, etc.  This bridge leads to a tiny waterfall found on the other side of a stepping stone pathway across water.  Claire made it across the steps but decided to see if she could balance on some small (wet) rocks on the other side.  She slipped and fell with one leg/side in the stinky (poopy smelling) water.  Needless to say, this was the last picture we took before heading back to the car.

Spring weekend

Some beautiful spring tulips in our front garden bed that I had to share.

Claire made her own sidewalk garden.  "We have a garden"

She drew flowers, a sun, and a blue sky.  Then she decorated the sidewalk with mulch, leaves, rocks, violets, and bleeding heart flowers.  She was extremely proud of her work.