Saturday, April 4, 2015

Brookfield Zoo Trip

Over Spring Break, we drove down to Chicago and met Grandma and the Nicol cousins at the Brookfield zoo.  The kids were ecstatic to see them again, and they all really enjoyed getting a chance to play together.

Annika and Claire check out the pygmy hippo.  Annika took a lot of pictures with her camera while we were at the zoo.  I think it will be neat to see her perspective of the trip too.

Claire seeing how she compares to a bald eagle's wingspan

The two girls watching the penguins.

Kelan and Grady looking at snakes with Grandma.

All five cousins by the pond.

Daddy, Grandma, and Annika on the other side of the gorilla exhibit.  I remember visiting the Tropics World with my grandparents and loving it.  It didn't seem that different to me on this trip, and I still think the exhibit is really well done.

Grady and Claire at lunch

Taking a ride in the Swamp boat

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