Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wesley's birthday

Wesley wanted to have his birthday celebration at the Dream Park.

Two of his cousins (Annika and Grady) were able to come up for the party.

And two of his friends from school.  Here they are tossing rocks into the pond
Exploring and trying to feed the ducks
Picnic lunch.  We lucked out with great weather.
Potato sack race!

Ready, set, go!

A happily bouncing Claire
Birthday party goers

Cupcake time!

Happy to be 7

Grady playing frisbee
Happy cousins riding "Puff" the dragon

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt

Following the Easter bunny to the park for our annual egg hunt.

Ready and waiting for the hunt to begin

Basket head!
The wave of older kids taking off to find the eggs.  Wesley is near the front of the picture next to his friend Ben.  They both were on the lookout for the golden egg (which holds $5).  Wesley went straight to the playground structure and was the first one to the top.  He didn't find anything up there and slid down the slide, to find out later that another girl had found the golden egg in the telescope right by where he'd been looking.  Darn!  So, close!

Claire after finding her 10 eggs.

Wesley and his haul

"What kind of candy did you get?"

Claire with the Easter Bunny.  I think she said hello to the bunny and got hugs at least half a dozen times.

Walking back home after the hunt.
Coloring Easter eggs (and wearing our Wisconsin shirts for tonight's big game.  Go Bucky!)

Brookfield Zoo Trip

Over Spring Break, we drove down to Chicago and met Grandma and the Nicol cousins at the Brookfield zoo.  The kids were ecstatic to see them again, and they all really enjoyed getting a chance to play together.

Annika and Claire check out the pygmy hippo.  Annika took a lot of pictures with her camera while we were at the zoo.  I think it will be neat to see her perspective of the trip too.

Claire seeing how she compares to a bald eagle's wingspan

The two girls watching the penguins.

Kelan and Grady looking at snakes with Grandma.

All five cousins by the pond.

Daddy, Grandma, and Annika on the other side of the gorilla exhibit.  I remember visiting the Tropics World with my grandparents and loving it.  It didn't seem that different to me on this trip, and I still think the exhibit is really well done.

Grady and Claire at lunch

Taking a ride in the Swamp boat