Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wesley's science project

Wesley's school has their annual science fair (Muireka!) in April, and he decided that he wanted to do a project this year.  We started the project this weekend.  His question is "what kind of apples do squirrels like best?"  We bought four different kinds of apples yesterday, did our own taste test to get descriptions of the apples' qualities, and set up the squirrels' feeding test today.  Here are some pictures that we took to document the experiment.

The four apple types that Wesley picked out at the store (clockwise from top left): Granny Smith, Jonagold, Red Delicious, and Opal.  We also took pictures of the piles of apples at the store (including price to see if squirrels only go for the expensive kinds) to use on the poster.

Wesley determined that the best way to keep the squirrels from running off with the apples was to drill holes through the center and use wire or cable to tie them to our fence posts.  Here he is drilling the apples with Dad.

His first string of apples.  We're going to watch them for a few days and monitor what gets eaten.  Then, we'll repeat it again next week to see what happens a second (and maybe third time).

View from the back (taken by Wesley)

View from the front (taken by Claire)

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