Monday, March 23, 2015

Science project update

As an update, a few hours after we hung the apples, we had our first customer.  A squirrel chowed on the Jonagold apple until it chewed through the electrical cable holding the apples to the fence (I guess this is how squirrels cause electrical fires in attics).  Once the apples came partially loose, the squirrel discovered the Opal (gold) apple and decided it was amazing.  It eventually left, and we tied the apples back on the fence.   Here are some pictures of the visit by Squirrel #1.

Eating the Jonagold apple (on the backside of the fence)

Freaked out because the apples fell

Trying to find out where it's yummy treat went.

There it is!

Trying out a different angle

Bored with the Jonagold

Loving the Opal apple

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