Friday, December 12, 2014

Disney World (Day 4) - Hollywood Studios

We spent out last day of the trip in Hollywood Studios.  Daddy and Wesley rode the Rock N Rollercoaster (that goes upsidedown).  Wesley liked it but didn't want to ride again, and he refused to go on the Tower of Terror (Daddy went by himself later).  Not included in the photos (because it was too dark) was the evening Fantasmic show, which was great!

Claire on the main street of Hollywood Studios

In front of a shop with the spooky witch from Snow White

Daddy and Wesley waiting in line for the Rock N Rollercoaster (the ride opened late that morning)

Checking out the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground

Look how little they are!  (Or how big the can of Play-Doh they found is)

A dog checking out the playground (Claire was terrified of the sniffing noises that it made)

Riding an ant across the playground

A toy soldier they met in Pixar Place

Meeting Lightning McQueen and Matar (which really just consisted of two car statues in an area where they blasted loud music like Life is a Highway at you; hence Claire covering her ears)

A huge leaf that Claire found and brought home in the suitcase

Daddy and the kids in front of Mickey's hat

The kids with Sorcerer Mickey

Potential Christmas card photo back at the lodge

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Anonymous said...

We've been debating whether to go....looks like it's a big hit! Kat