Thursday, December 11, 2014

Disney World (Day 3) - Magic Kingdom Take 2 (evening)

We had a nice long nap and some pool time before coming back to the Magic Kingdom to squeeze in a few more things.  Here are some pictures from our Enchanted Tales with Belle.  Daddy and Claire got to take part in the reenactment of how Belle and the Beast fell in love.  Daddy was a marching Suit of Armor and Claire got to be Chip the teacup.  (I wasn't allowed to use a flash, so the photos didn't come out well, but you can still see what happened.)

The Suit of Armor waits while parts are assigned.

Claire with her Chip 'costume'

Claire (as Chip) saying hello to Belle

The Suit of Armor watches the play

Princess Claire saying hello to Belle after the show

Handsome Prince Wesley saying hello too (Belle said he was handsome)

The two Suits of Armor with Belle

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