Sunday, November 9, 2014

Birthday weekend

 This Friday was Daddy's birthday.  In addition to going out to dinner on Friday, we spent the weekend going a bunch of fun family events.  It was a great weekend!
On Saturday, Wesley tried out hockey with a local club team and spent an hour on the ice learning how to skate better and what it felt like to wear full hockey gear. He loved it and got to keep the jersey.
Although she had never expressed interest in hockey, Claire was very mad at me for not registering her for this event too. So, we suited her up and she had a ball. We might just start her out with some lessons, but she definitely loved being included in the fun.

Later on Saturday, we went to the Kids in the Rotunda show for the Madison Ballet company. This was totally up Claire's alley. Here, she's dancing (and singing) with the ballerinas as they dance to Frozen's Let it Go.

Afterwards, she had to have her picture taken with her 'favorite' ballerina.
Today, as a birthday event for Charlie, we went down to Monroe, WI and visited the Roth Kase creamery. He even got to meet the head cheesemaker (who gave us some free cheese when he found out it was a birthday trip)!

While in Monroe, we also went to a bar/cheese place that is known for their Limberger and onion on rye sandwiches. This is Claire's response to Daddy's lunch.

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