Saturday, October 25, 2014

Nature walk in Owen Park

Claire's school was closed on Friday so we spent the day together.  These are pictures from our walk through Owen Park.  Claire got to carry a camera too.  Here's her shot of me.

Another shot by Claire: a stick snake (the snake's head is in the upper left with a small mushroom forming the eye).  It was fairly obvious once she pointed it out to me.  Not a real snake, but the stick is shaped like a snake.

Some neat leaves Claire spotted and photographed while sitting on a rock.

Another photo by Claire.  She was fascinated by the pink ribbons that were tied to different bushes throughout the park.

View "up" by Claire.

Mommy-daughter selfie.

The rest of the photos are taken by Mom: Claire deciding which trail to take next.

The budding photographer in action.

There were yellow leaves everywhere.

The rock mentioned earlier with Claire's photo above.

Loving some mommy-daughter time (both of us were!).

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