Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Sunday afternoon

Last month (or maybe two), Claire's class worked on decorating frames for a city art exhibit.  Each child got to do their own frame, which was displayed today at Edgewood College at "Windows of Worlds".  This is Claire with her "window".

And again with her best friend, Ana.

The exhibit also had free face painting which the kids couldn't pass up.  Here's Wesley the lion.

And Claire, the angel.  The angel's face is on her forehead between her eyes and the pink, white, and gold on her cheeks are the wings.

Claire's second soccer game (ever).  She's in the green shirt in the middle with the pink socks.  Her team, the Chompers, has to learn how to stop being so nice and letting the other team have the ball.  They did much better today and even scored three goals!  Go, Chompers!

Here they are chasing after the other team.  The boy in green is Joseph, a boy from our neighborhood.  If you remember, his old sister, Ruthie, plays with Wesley, and their mother, Katie, played with me, when I was little.

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