Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beach Trip Day 5

Claire drawing a mermaid in the sand.

She did the head and face and Mommy did the rest.

Then, she decorated the crown with shells and used them to create a necklace, ring, earrings, and bracelet for the mermaid.

The beach pirates visited the house again and left a scavenger hunt for the kids to help them find the treasure.

"X" marked the spot to dig

A treasure chest filled with Emerald Isle shirts and other goodies for the kids!  Thanks, pirates!

Uncle Andy and Aunt Cami head out to lunch.

The three youngest (Grady, Lucy, and Claire) have a jumping competition and take turns counting down to the "Cannonball!" or "Banzai!" jumps.

The kids wait while the pinata is set up.

An audience from above

Lucy (as the youngest) starts us off.

Uncle Mark is in charge of the pinata's height and movement this year.

Claire takes a turn.

Then Grady...



And Annika take their turns.
A particularly exciting moment for the kids; I think maybe Annika got a good "thwack" in.

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