Monday, June 30, 2014

Beach Trip Day 1

Annika and Claire decided it would be fun to bury Uncle Mark.

Looks like it was fun!

Once Mark got up, Claire wanted to be buried too.

Grandma and Uncle Mark covering Claire with sand.

Oh no!  Someone left a little girl's head here in the sand!

No, wait... It's a mermaid resting on the sand.

Audience for the first sand castle smashing of the week

Lined up to start... On your marks... get set...


And they're off!

Two hours of sand castle building by Grandpa taken out by five grandchildren in ~ 2 minutes (probably less).  (Speaking for Grandpa): The looks on their faces made it worth the work.

Happy to be on the beach.

Lucy takes in the crowd at the pool.

Grandma with Grady and Wesley

Grandpa enjoying some poolside time in the sun.

Cousins enjoying some after dinner ice cream.

Scream for ice cream: "AHHHH!"


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Samantha said...

I've only looked at day 1 of your vacation and it looks like so much fun! The cousins are lucky indeed to have parents and grandparents who give them this kind of experience.