Monday, June 30, 2014

Beach Trip Day 4

Daddy's fish catch from the beach (I guess bare hands can't compare to a fishing boat and equipment; it's a bit smaller than the amberjack)

The kids admire the fish Wesley is collecting.

Wesley showing off one of his catches.  He was amazingly good at catching the little fish that swam in the shallow water.

Daddy helping the kids fish.

Aunt Ann helping transform Claire into a mermaid again.

After many tries, Mommy caught a fish too!

Neat beach shot.

Bucket of baby fish

Still hunting for more fish

Starting line for the next sand castle smash

Here's a cool series of shots from the smashing event

Didn't take them very long, did it?

The boys enjoy jumping the waves

Claire gets a ride on the boogie board

Grandma is ready to defend herself with the squirt guns

Uncle Mark will never pose with a normal smile for pictures.  I always end up getting this kind of face from him.

Until I wait for him to laugh at his ability to thwart my pictures and then I get this shot.  :)

Grandpa enjoying more poolside time during "adult swim" (afternoon break from the sun for the kids)

Aunt Bev brought a bunch of wrapped "gifts" as prizes for Bingo.  The kids were obsessed with winning them to see what the prizes were.  Wesley ended up with a couple of Christmas ornaments, some paper foldup cars, an autographed picture of some Steelers player, and various other things.  The kids loved Bingo.

Claire and Mommy trying to win a prize.

Lucy made a trip to Disney World right before coming to the beach and was nice enough to let Claire borrow her Rapunzel dress so they could play princesses together.

Another beach tradition: Grady begs Uncle Lanny to read the Donald Duck book (over and over again).  They both love reading it together.

Beach Trip Day 3

Another sand castle creation from Grandpa

Grandma and the cousins checking out the tidal pools

Beach house shot

Walking down the beach in the tidal pools

Wesley trying to catch fish in the pools

Swimming in the tidal pools and an attempt at a cannon ball by Kelan

Lucy taking a swim

Sand castle smash lineup


Time for a break inside with some Uno

View from the back porch after dinner

A cousin-throwing competition (the kids were spraying the adults with water guns so the adults retaliated by throwing the kids)


Grady and Lucy squirting Aunt Jodi
Aunt Jodi trying to avoid the spray.  She eventually got even by sneaking up with a hose and spraying them with cold water.