Sunday, April 27, 2014

Half Marathon Weekend

The cheering squad is ready to go (bright and early Saturday morning)!

Here come the runners at mile 3 (still smiling!).  Ann and Kim are running the half marathon.  Grandpa Snook is running the first leg of the marathon relay with Aunt Cami, Jodi, and Chris.

Daddy helped make the funny signs.  Wesley used to call Aunt Ann "Dan Tan" when he was a toddler, and Daddy sometimes calls Mommy "Gim" because Americans say the word "Kimchi" incorrectly (it really should be "Gimchi").

Waiting just short of mile 7.

Still smiling, but this was the "hilly" part of the race.  Not much of an upgrade, but it was in the full sun and sure felt hard at the time.

Grandpa Snook finished his leg of the race at mile 6.9, and here are Ann and Kim at mile 8.5.

Stopping to give some high fives to the kids.

Post race and still smiling

Uncle Andy waiting for the marathon relay team to finish.

Chris, Jodi, Cami, and Grandpa all crossed the finish line together to finish in just over 4 hours total.
Getting ready to head out for the youth run (or Family Run as Claire called it since the parents can run with the kids)

Back at Memorial Stadium for a third time to cheer on Wesley and Claire in the youth run.

Here come Daddy and Wesley into the stadium.  Wesley sprinted the whole 0.5 miles.

And here are Claire and Mommy (fortunately at a slower pace; Mommy's legs could hardly take the additional 0.5 miles even with four hours rest between races)

Running for the finish!

Cowles family after the family run.  The kids got GREAT medals that are really almost the same size as the half and full marathon medals.  They loved it.

Picnic snack with the cousins back at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Silly faces

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Headed to the neighborhood egg hunt

Saying Happy Easter to Mambo (the bunny dog who lives across the park)

Say cheese! (Wesley looks huge in this picture because he's standing higher on a hill)
Bunny ears with Aunt Ann

The Easter Bunny is here!

High fives and candy from the Easter Bunny

3, 4, and 5 year olds get a 10 second head start

Wesley ready to run with his school buddy Ben

Claire running for eggs

Wesley and Ben way at the other side of the park

Finished getting her 12 eggs

Checking out the surprises in the eggs

Happy Easter, Daddy!

Done with the egg hunt

Decorating eggs with her name

Badger red eggs

Coloring eggs with Aunt Ann

Enjoying some hopscotch in the warmer weather

Hop, hop, hop

Chalk self portrait #1

Chalk self portrait #2

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wesley turns 6!

Birthday boy playing dodge ball tag

Laughing with school friends
Getting ready for flag tag

Parachute play time

Claire saved Daddy from the parachute shark attacks

Scooter races

Time for some pizza

Ready to blow out candles (Wesley shared his party with his best friend Maddox)

You get this side and I'll get that side!

Happy birthday Maddox and Wesley!