Sunday, October 6, 2013

Misc and Pumpkin Patch Trip

Princess Dressup time

Goofy Kid Action shot

Ready for another ballet class!

First French braid!  I can't believe she say still for the whole thing.

The trip to the pumpkin patch was a bit wet this year (with several downpours).  So, we ended up skipping the actual patch and enjoying the other activities.

Including the huge corn play area.

Found one of the only farm kitties who was out and about

"Cheese!" on a saddle

A little tractor riding

Smiles in motion

Checking out the goats

Testing to see what they like to eat

More goats seeing if we had treats for them

Corn maze!  (just the small kids' one; not the HUGE adult one that takes several hours)

Showing Daddy the way out of the maze

Tire climbing

Reindeer (?) swings

Pretend cow milking contest; the milking part does work, just not a real cow.  :)

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Nancy said...

I especially like the corn pit. I bet Grandpa would too.