Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ballet Class

Claire started her 3 year-old pre-ballet this morning.  Super excited and ready for class to start.

Can't sit still for pictures, she's so excited.

Yes!  Class is about to start!

Learning to plie

Skipping across the room.

Walking slowly on tiptoes across the room with friends.

Dancing with ribbons at the end of class.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Snack Fun

We gave the kids a snack on Sunday and realized they were being a little too quiet in the other room.  Turns out they had decided to eat the snack in their boat.

You can't see her well, but Claire's baby also made the trip.  It's so great when they play together!

First Day of School

Ready for the first day of school; sporting new backpack and lunchbox

The "W" is made up of Wesley's soccer patches from last spring (he got 2 every game for hustle, having fun, defense, etc.)

Here's our new kindergartener!

Same old Wesley.  :)

He did great this morning.  The only tears were from Mom (who was very proud and not really sure why she was crying).

Claire ready to head back to PSA for her second year.

Literally airborne, she's so excited.

Big smiles!