Friday, June 28, 2013

Beach Trip 2013 - Day 2

Playing "Bear Cave" in the sand castle (pre-smash time).  Bear Cave is where Claire or Mommy walks through the pathway in the castle (cave) but gets lost and needs help getting out before the bear comes back to the cave.  She made up the game and loved playing it every day we were there.

Teaching Grady Bear Cave.

Pretending to be a sandpiper (and singing the Sandpiper song we know)

Sand piper, sand piper, running through the sand

Sand angels

Castle building with Aunt Ann

Cousin Grady working on the sand castle decorations

The boys watching Uncle Lanny fish

Checking out one of the fish

Toting the fish back to the ocean

Go home, fishy!

Sand castle smash time!!!

Watching the smashing fun

I'm the Queen of the mountain!

Digging tunnels with Wesley

View from the other side

Jumping the waves with cousin Kelan

Mid-air shot

Pool time with the cousins

Bird tracks in the sand ("must be sandpipers!" says Claire)
Grandpa and Grandma on the beach
The 2 youngest cousins checking out the castle

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