Monday, June 24, 2013

Beach Trip 2013 - Day 1

Excited to go down to the beach on the first day

Hanging out with the cousins on the porch

Headed down to see Grandma (in yellow in the distance) on the beach

Boogie board fun

Running from the waves

Sand castle fun

First sand castle (by Grandpa) of the year

Behind the starting line

Castle smashing time

Stomp stomp

Watching the fun

The four Dads on Father's Day

Grandma enjoying some time in the pool

Taking a break some toys indoors

Grady playing "checkers" with Claire

More beach fun after naptime

Pretending to be a sandpiper

"Mom, I lost my feet!"

Grady takes a turn at the pinata

Lucy joins in on the fun (check out Grady in the background; he must have thought it was loud)

Claire's turn!

And Wesley's next!

The audience

Kelan takes a whack at it

Annika's turn

She finishes it off

More audience in the upper deck

Collecting the prizes!

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