Sunday, February 3, 2013

Disney World - Day 3 - Magic Kingdom

Headed out for another day at the Magic Kingdom

Arrived at the park and going to ride Peter Pan again
In front of Cinderella's castle
Getting off the Winnie the Pooh ride (and insisting on doing it herself)
Pointing out her favorite princess

Family photo
Photo of the whole family (the nice man who took this picture managed to cut out Claire in her stroller in front of Charles; otherwise it's a good picture)
Ready to drive on the Tomorrowland Speedway

And we're off!

Early driving lessons

Grandpa's in a close third place

Coming into the finish line.

Claire loved slamming us into the rail and would giggle like crazy when she did it
Off on a second ride
Showing us how she was steering
Waiting for the boys to go again

Mad Tea Cup ride

Wesley was really looking forward to being able to spin the whole cup

Check out his face!

Daddy loving it too
Grandma and Grandpa in front of the castle
Waiting for the Dreams Come True show to begin (Claire was dying to see this)

My Goofy mimicking Goofy

Look! Cinderella!

Watching the appearance on Malificent (the bad witch) and chanting "Dreams come true!" over and over again (as she knows that's what Mickey is going to tell us to say to make the witch go away). Super cute!

The finale song for the show

 Lunch at the Crystal Palace with Pooh Bear and friends

Hugs for Winnie the Pooh

Asking Tigger why he can't bounce on his tail.  He was telling them that he'd hit the ceiling and bounce too high with his tail.
Grandpa at the lunch buffet
Patiently waiting for the next character to stop by the table
Not so patiently waiting.  :)
Watching Piglet walk up
Too excited and bouncy to give Piglet a hug
Giving Eeyore a hug to make him feel better (Claire thinks he looks sad all the time)

Hugs from Wesley too
Taking part in the Pooh-rade around the room and trying to grab Eeyore's tail (so much for making him happy!)
Cool topiary at lunch!
Loved this one!
Post lunch full bellies
Riding Aladdin's carpet ride with Grandma and Grandpa
"Watch out the camel spits!"
"Tiki tiki room!" (that's what Wesley said he was saying in this photo)

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