Sunday, February 3, 2013

Disney World - Wilderness Lodge photos

We stayed at the Disney's Wilderness Villas while on our trip.  The decor was amazing and I'd stay there again in the future.  The kids loved the pools, animal themes, and the hourly geyser.  Great place to stay.
Silver Spring pool and water slide (with main Lodge behind)
The geyser going off
Enjoying the lounge by the pool (the small green building in the far background is the dock for the boats to the Magic Kingdom or to Fort Wilderness campground, where the Chip and Dale campfire sing-a-long was held)

Another view from the pool lounge area
The beach (and where they played the outdoor movies each night)
Path to the second pool and back towards the villas where we stayed

Goofing around with Grandma on the balcony


I love this hat.  The tail with bow bounces when she walks.

At the airport on the way home.  Wesley and Claire thought the floodlights on the wall behind them looked like googly eyes and wanted their photos taken in front of them.

They also wanted to make sure we got the palm trees in the photos too.

Disney World - Day 4 - Epcot and Hollywood Studios

At Epcot, ready to start the day

Wesley was really tired of photo ops by this point in the trip

Outside the Seas with Claire
"Hi Nemo!  Hi Nemo's Daddy!  Hi Dory!"
Oh no!  Bruce the shark ate Wesley!
Riding with Grandma (in "her parade")

Outside Norway
Loving the Troll in Norway (Claire LOVES Three Billy Goats Gruff)

Outside Mexico
Hugs for Donald
"Can I give you a high five?"
Grandpa and Grandma at Epcot

Yep, Wesley pouting for yet another photo.  (Besides the photo frowns, he was in a great mood the rest of the trip!)
Checking out the ducks with Claire (our last day was fairly cool. Shorts weather the first three days and sweatshirts the last, but we certainly were not complaining)
Hugs for Duffy (Mickey's teddy bear and a newly introduced character)

Winding through the poles with Grandpa
Crashed out on the way back from Epcot

 On to Hollywood Studios (after naptime)
Re-energized after naptime and ready for Hollywood Studios!

The Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground has been on Wesley's "must do" list for months.  He's been dying to ride this ant.

Checking out the rest of the playground
Grandma at the playground
Climbing a spider's web
Back on the ant
Making antenna for himself
Leaf slide

Near the backlots and on the way to the 3D Muppets show
Army guy from Toy Story
Salutes with another army guy
Photo op while waiting to see Buzz and Woody

Strapped to a rocket and ready for blast off
"3-2-1 blast off!"

Photos with Buzz and Woody
High fives!

Mickey ice cream on the way home
Post-ice cream faces, waiting for the bus