Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday in Chicago

Checking out the Wild Reef exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago with Grandpa Nicol and Daddy

Watching the water rush into the reef tank and pointing out the "Nemo" fish inside

In the afternoon, we went to cousin Annika's 7th birthday party.  Here's Claire laughing it up with cousin Grady.

Climbing up the 4-5 story tower with Daddy

Coming down the slide

Drive drive driving in the car (one of Claire's favorite songs)

Wesley (in blue) with cousin Kelan (red, to the left) bouncing in the moon bounce.  Those are Wesley's legs going up to the right with the striped pants.  (And, YES, he had fun!)

Post-bounce landing

Cousin Kelan on one of the many bikes in the playroom

Claire trying out the moon bounce too

Sliding with Annika in the moon bounce

Wesley pulling Claire with the tractor and wagon (Check out how sweaty his hair is!)

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Nancy said...

Thanks for the great posts. I love the lion outfit. Looks like the kids are making many good memories already.