Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-Halloween Fun

Explaining the "rules" of pumpkin carving to Claire (how to scoop, how to pull out the gross stuff, etc.)

Showing Claire the sharp carving tools they aren't supposed to touch without permission.

First reaction after sticking his hand in the pumpkin.  (Yes, my son is a clown.)

"Check this out, Mom"

Taking her turn scooping out Mommy's pumpkin

I love the pumpkin seed stuck on her elbow in this one.

More scooping show-and-tell

Now, working on their own pumpkins

Scary "cheese"

Explaining to Baby why she (Baby) isn't allowed to help carve the pumpkins

Dressed up at a Halloween party with some friends

An astronaut (Wesley's friend Maddox), Super Why, and a bumblebee

Waiting for the hayride tractor to come back and watching airplanes

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