Sunday, September 30, 2012

On Saturday, we drove up north to a local pumpkin patch (Treinin Farms).  Wesley and I had been there last year for a school field trip and we thought the kids would enjoy going as a family.  

Claire and Daddy about to head through the tunnel to the farm (the parking lot was on the opposite side of the highway from the farm).  Also, Claire's class is obsessed with tunnels right now, and we had lots of opportunities to get tunnel photos on this trip.

Wesley, Daddy, and Claire on the other side of the tunnel (by the "scary" people; Claire didn't like the scarecrows very much)

Wesley by the pumpkins (We had so much fun on the hayride to the patch and picking out the pumpkins that I didn't get a single photo of the actual pumpkin patch.  Oops!  I made Wesley take this photo to get at least one pumpkin in a picture.)

The kids LOVED this tunnel slide.

Even Claire braved the (fairly) long slide

"Daddy do it too!"

Climbing up the side to go again.

On his way down the shorter tunnel slide


The other reason we went to this farm was because I found a gently used winter coat and snow pants set for Claire on craigslist for $10.  It fits perfectly and is in great condition.

Practice shot for the (now) annual Cowles family photo on the porch.  (By the way, check out our pumpkins from the patch!  As long as you could carry the pumpkin yourself, you could pick out whatever one you wanted with the price of admission.  We had so much fun finding the perfect ones.)

One year in the house today!  (Not sure why we're all sort of leaning to one side.  We might have to take the photo again anyway because the sun is mostly in Daddy's face and not everyone else's)

Spotting an airplane with Daddy.

Photo by Wesley

Another Wesley shot

Mommy and the kids

Mommy and Wesley

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