Saturday, September 8, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Poppa and Grammy Cowles and Aunt Ann came for a visit over Labor Day weekend.  Here are some photos from their visit.
Mommy, Wesley, Claire, Tim, Ann, and Daddy at the Farmer's Market

Getting a drink outside the Capitol building with Grammy

Last weekend at the neighborhood pool

Goofing around with Poppa in the pool
Wesley got to spend some time jumping off the diving board.  Here are some of my favorites.

Walking on water

Firing off his air guns

My absolute favorite!
Watching the diving board action

Making pizza with Mommy

Sprinkle, sprinkle (adding the cheese)

When the pool closes on Labor Day evening, they open it to the neighborhood dogs.  There were about 20 dogs swimming and running around and a couple even braved the diving board.

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Nancy said...

The dog swimming day is a great idea. Fun.