Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ironman Photos

This weekend, Wesley, Grandma Pataky, and I went to Louisville, Kentucky to watch Uncle Mark compete in the Ironman there.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Ironman, Mark had to do a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile marathon run in under 17 hours.  He finished in 13 hours 55 minutes and 26 seconds.  We are so proud of him!!!!

We had a fun weekend following Mark and cheering him on.  Here are my favorite pictures from the race on Sunday.

Breakfast at Panera before we went to see Mark (he was already swimming)

In the background, you can see the red triangular buoys marking the race course for the swim.  The tiny things in the water near that are people swimming towards the swim finish.
Here's a generic picture of the swim finish.  I couldn't get this close when Mark came through because there were too many people, but I got this shot later so we could record what it looked like.

Mark (in the white top) right after the swim.
Grabbing his bike and gear and heading out for the bike section of the race.

Mark's cheering section

On our way to the Louisville Slugger museum.  Wesley kept saying he could run as fast as the racers, but his little legs got tired of all the walking we had to do.

Wesley and Grandma next to the giant baseball bat outside the museum.

Mommy and Grandma outside the museum (taken by Wesley)

Mommy and Wesley by the bat
Wesley took this cool picture of the bat.  I think we might need to get him a cheap camera of his own.

Inside the kid's part of the museum

Trying out the batting cage (of course)
Waiting for Uncle Mark at the beginning of the run portion of the race (which had the racers run across one of the bridges and back)

There goes Mark up the bridge!

Waiting for Mark to come back off the bridge (and texting updates to friends and family)

Here he comes!

High fives for the (almost) Ironman!

Feeling a little guilty drinking milkshakes while Mark is running the marathon (those are Mark's friends from high school who also came down to cheer him on)

Mark after about 15 miles of the marathon about to give another high five to Wesley

My (horrible) picture of Mark finishing the race.  It was insanely crowded by the finish and I had to take this picture holding my camera above my head and hope for the best.  At least he's in the picture at all.  :)  (Fortunately, a professional photographer took pictures of everyone as they crossed the line, so Mark can get that photo)

Uncle Mark with his support crew

After collecting Mark's gear.  Wesley is wearing Mark's Ironman Finisher shirt.  Maybe he'll grow into it! 

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Nancy said...

You did an awesome job with these photos, Kim. They really capture the feel of the race day.