Monday, July 30, 2012

Saturday at the Zoo

Claire has been asking to see the giraffes again, so the kids and I spent some time this weekend at the zoo.  Here are some of my favorite shots.

Wesley and Claire checking out Claire's favorite animals.

Watching the tapir walk around its pen.  We've never really noticed this one before, or it's always been pretty inactive, but it must have been happy with the cooler weather we've been having and was marching around.  The kids thought it was a mixture between an elephant and an anteater.

Action shot on the carousal. Not very well in focus because I was trying to take the photo and make sure she didn't fall off at the same time.  :)

Look Ma, no hands!

I made an exception to our "no buying junk from the zoo" rule and let the kids pick out masks.  Wesley chose a bat mask.  (If you haven't heard our bat-in-the-bedroom story from last week, ask and I'll retell it.  Ever since last Wednesday, Wesley has been fascinated with seeing a real bat (another reason we were at the zoo).  And, to continue the theme, he REALLY wanted this mask.)

And, of course, Claire chose the giraffe.

Big smiles!

She also thought Wesley was HILARIOUS in his mask and couldn't stop gigging at him when she saw him.  I caught part of that with this picture, but wished I had my video camera with me to catch the actual sound.  It was super cute.

Posing by the statue at the front of the zoo.

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Nancy said...

I love these masks. Good buy.