Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Emerald Isle Trip (Part II)

More playtime in the pool

Wesley, the taxi driver, pulling Annika around the pool

Wesley's turn to ride

In the pool with Uncle Lanny and the cousins

Aunt Ann and Aunt Cami relaxing on the porch

Waiting for Uncle Lanny to catch a fish so they can reel it in

Admiring their catches

Annika and Aunt Ann

View from the house boardwalk to the beach

One of Grandpa's sand castles (pre-smashing)

Pretty beach photo of the castle and our house (blue one in the middle)

Mommy and Claire

Swimming with Aunt Ann and the cousins

More rides

Cousin (Aunt) Emily in the pool

Grady hula-hooping with Aunt Bev (who is THE master hula-hooper)

After a 5K run (and Mark "photo-bombing" the picture behind them)

More hippos with the cousins

The sand castle master

The fisherman

Grandma with Claire

Outlines of Mommy and Wesley's shadows (they're kind of hard to see but Mommy is on the left and Wesley's is on the right)

A unique sand castle smashing technique

.... but highly effective

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