Monday, July 2, 2012

Emerald Isle 2012 (part I)

Here are the first pictures from our trip to the beach this year.  These are my favorites from my camera.  I'll be getting more photos from other sources and will post more later.
Uncle Mark with Claire and cousin Grady (who turned 2 while we were there!)

The cousins demolishing the first of Grandpa Snook's daily sand castles

Grady playing in the sand

Claire, happy with her castle squashing

Playing in the waves


That was awesome!

The house where we stayed this time (Serendipity)

Cousin Kelan building some more castles

Rebuilding with Grandpa and Kelan

Wesley on the beach

The view from our porch
Taking a snack break with Aunt Ann and Uncle Mark

Watching the jets fly over from the nearby air base (Daddy's favorite past-time while we were there)

Happy Grady!

Sitting with Aunt Ann
Playing with Grady

Playing Hungry Hippos (Claire insisted on the pink one each time)

Ticking/giggling cousins

Looking at shells with Mommy

Grandpa taking a break from castle construction

Grandma relaxing by the pool
Family photo

Silly family photo (even Claire got into it; check out her tongue)

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