Thursday, June 14, 2012

Early Bird Claire

Sometimes in the morning, Claire wakes up too early and ends up spending some time in our bed.  Here's a funny video I took with my iPod.  She says everything in such a cute way now that I had to record it.

At the River House

Aunt Laurie and Uncle Rick invited us to their house on the Wisconsin River for a BBQ.  We had a lot of fun and are excited to make a regular habit of visiting them there.  (Thanks for having us!!!)

Claire trying out the kayak.

Wesley's turn in the kayak

Mommy and Claire

Claire "playing" with their dog Maddy.

Here, Maddy!  Here's your ball!

Want another stick?

Claire trying out every chair at the house.

Wesley got to go for a canoe ride with Daddy and Grammy.  Uncle Rick followed in the kayak.
On their way to the sandbar around the point on the right to explore.
And back again.

Splash Pad/Park

Grandma Pataky took Wesley to the Middleton Splash Pad a couple of weeks ago.  I think it was only the second day it was open.  Here are some pictures from their trip.


I don't know what he was saying here, but it looks like "Brrrr... that water is cold" to me.  :)

The park next to the Splash Pad has a great climbing structure.