Monday, May 28, 2012

Soccer Photos

Aunt Ann and Uncle Mark came to watch Wesley play soccer last weekend, so we were able to get some photos of the game.

Warming up before the game.


Before kick off with his teammate Violet.

Trying to score against the Soccer Fairies (the three girls in pink from the other team)

Taking his turn to sit out.

Coaching the girls (Olivia, Belissma, and Hazel)

Kicking off (The referee reminded Wesley that he had to pass to his teammate before he could try to score.)

Wesley listened and kicked the ball to Nathanial (the boy to the left), it bounced off Nathanial's leg (who wasn't paying attention), and it came right back to Wesley, who took it down the field.

And scored a goal!  (Technically, he DID pass it to his friend first)

High fives after the goal!

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