Tuesday, April 10, 2012

3v3 Soccer

Wesley's first soccer game is on Sunday. He's on the U4 (3-4 year old) team in a league where they play 3 versus 3. His team name is the Polar Bears, and there are six kids on the team. Unfortunately, no coach was assigned to the team and the league has informed the parents that we will be required to organize the games (with help from the referee).

Not wanting Wesley, or any of the other kids who may have never played before, to have a horrible first experience with a sports team, I volunteered to be the team's coach. I feel a little like I was suckered into it by the league (since they also stated that several teams had MULTIPLE coaches), but with only six games (and potentially six practices), it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Plus, the practice ideas I found online look like fun for the kids.

Hopefully the parents of 3 and 4 year olds won't have yet developed the ability to scream, rant, and rave at their children, the coaches, and the referees (like the older kids' parents). Wish me luck, and I'm sure we'll be posting soccer pictures soon. :)

More birthday photos

Here are the photos I have so far from Wesley's birthday party. (more to come later!) For those of you who don't know, Wesley shared his party with one of his best friends from school (Maddox). Here are the two birthday boys getting ready to blow out their candles.

Notice Wesley's red cheeks. Just like last year, he had a great time at his party and spent the whole 1.5h running.

Blowing out the candles.


Maddox and his mom Yasmin. Wesley and Mommy. (For anyone planning a double party, it turned out great. Having someone to split the work load (and cost) with was awesome.)

Notice the cupcake now shoved into Wesley's mouth. hahaha

More sibling reading

Wesley wanted to read to Claire again. Here's the video split into two parts to get around the movie file size limit.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter photos

Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought on Sunday morning.

(And sporting some fairy or butterfly wings)

Claire the Easter fairy

The book fairy

Spring Break in Kansas 2

While in Kansas, we dyed eggs for Easter. Studying the color choices with Grammy.

Making a 'lell-ow' egg

Feeding Smokey some treats.

The near-by high school has an awesome zero entry water play area for little kids. Claire loved jumping off this log.

Family picture in the pool.

Playing peek-a-boo over the wall.

Opening birthday presents (including a kite from Aunt Emily and a Cars poster)

Blowing out the candles on his Lightning McQueen cake.

Spring Break in Kansas 1

For spring break, we drove down to Lawrence, Kansas to visit the Grandparents Cowles. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our visit.

Poppa and Grammy have a piano and Wesley and Claire spent a lot of time pounding away at the keys.

Lessons with Poppa (and Baby)

Playing outside with Grammy.

'Grocery shopping' in the neighborhood

Walking her Baby and Grammy's Easter bunnies

Wesley was "patiently" waiting his turn.

Loving the piano.


Planting flower seeds with Grammy.

We brought these home and are going to grow them up for Wesley's teachers.

Playing Zingo (a game he got for his birthday) with Poppa

While in Kansas, we took a trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead with a high school friend of Daddy's. The kids loved it!

Claire wasn't so sure about the cows but didn't want to leave the barn.

Jamming on the cow bell display.

The farm had this big pen full of baby goats. I think there were probably around 30 goats just in this pen. They sold bottles of milk for $1 so Wesley got to try feeding the goats.

He was nervous about the greedy goats surrounding him (which he saw happen to another kid) and started eyeing any other goat that came by.

The second goat bumped out the first.

Here comes a third standing on the back of the second one.

When the fourth came by, Wesley gave up.

Daddy had to finish off the feeding when the goats started standing up to get the bottle.

They also had a great toy riding tractor collection. Here's Claire trying her hand at riding one.

Wesley smiling for the camera as he rolls by.

The race is on! The boy on the green tractor is Charles' friend's son.

Mommy with Claire, Nora, and Kim (Charles' friend from school)

The farm also had this huge playground which the kids loved.


Wesley and Aiden went down this slide over and over again.

Running for another ride on the slide.


Just hanging out on the playground. (She said she was sleeping)

Follow the leader at the children's garden at the farm.

The girls looking for anything interesting in the mulch.