Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Valentine's Day

Wesley's school set out supplies for making Valentine's in the lobby for the whole week of Valentine's Day week. The finished products were hung on ribbons around the lobby and made a school-wide project of Art from the Heart. It was really cute to see all the valentines made by both the kids and the parents.

Here's Wesley holding the ribbon where we hung the Valentine we made together (the purple heart). I also snuck back into the lobby after dropping him off and made the blue heart as a surprise for him.

This is the picture that Wesley took of me holding our Valentines. You can see the art table behind me where another little girl is making her own.

Wesley's class also made huge hearts for people to hold and take pictures of each other in a school "Photobooth". I took this picture, but there was a similar one that his teachers took that is now posted on the front door of the school. Wesley was very proud to see himself as one of the three pictures on the door.

Wesley's class also had a Valentine's Day breakfast party for the parents and kids. Almost all the kids had at least one parent there and we had a lot of fun decorating cookies and hearing the kids perform their Valentine Day song list. Here's Wesley in his classroom's loft.

The cookie he decorated.

And yes, it tasted good too!

Swim classes

Claire and Wesley are both taking swim classes now. Here are some pictures from a few Saturdays ago.

At the start of class with Wesley (in the blue cap with teeth) at the front and Claire and Daddy with their backs to the camera a little further out.

Wesley swimming with his teacher (and Daddy and Claire in the background again)

Scooting down the wall towards the deep end.

Waiting for his turn to jump in.

I didn't quite time this right, but here he is jumping.

Back floats. He was very proud because just last Saturday his teacher was able to let go for the first time and he floated by himself.

Chatting it up with his best friend from school, Maddox, who also happens to be in his swim class.

Claire and Daddy pointing at Mommy (with the camera)

Claire going for a ride on the mat.

One... two....

Three!!!!! (Yes, she can go underwater)

More misc pictures

Here are some more pictures from a recent Saturday morning.

I was trying to get some photos of Claire in her first tutu, and Wesley wanted to get in on the picture taking event.

Claire in her tutu (which is still a little bit big for her, but awfully cute)

Supreme close-up

Playing before bed

One night after bathtime, Wesley and Claire decided it was the perfect time to run up and down the hall between their bedrooms. Wesley added a pinwheel to the mix.

While Claire tried to keep away from the Daddy monster.

Stylish in her cowboy hat.

December visit

Grandpa Nicol visited right after Christmas and had fun making cookies with Wesley.

Wesley was extremely proud of the candycane cookie that he rolled, cut, put on the cookie sheet, and frosted all by himself. He's really getting into it here with flour all over his shirt. :)

Saturday morning cartoons and breakfast.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wesley's first joke

Knock, knock

Who's there?


Banana who?

Aren't you glad I didn't say octopus?