Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas photos

I'm not sure how this happened, but I thought I'd already posted our photos from Christmas. I know I put them on Facebook, but must have forgotten to upload them here too. Anyway, sorry for the delay, but here are some of the best photos from Christmas Eve and morning.

Enjoying a fire with Daddy on Christmas Eve (Claire is blowing to indicate that the fire is hot).

By the fire with Mommy on Christmas Eve.

Before bed on Christmas Eve.

Claire trying on the bracelets that Santa brought her in her stocking.

Morgan playing with her new reindeer toy.

Wesley opening his dump truck and 'scooper' from Santa while Claire plays with his slinky.

Claire playing with her new kitchen.

Mommy and Claire.

Covering up "baby" for "nigh nigh" time


Trying out his new rocket from Aunt Emily

More Cheeses!

Playing on the slide from Grandma and Grandpa Pataky

"Weeeee" (Claire's favorite new word)

Showing off his monkey skills.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts. We had a great holiday and hope you did too!

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