Monday, January 30, 2012

Juggling show

On Saturday, we took Claire and Wesley to see the Truly Marvelous Loon (juggling and comedy act) at the Kids in the Rotunda at the Overture Center in downtown Madison. Wesley has always been interested in juggling, so we thought he’d enjoy it and we were right. He LOVED it. The Loon juggled the typical bowlings pins (which he hit himself in the head with to show the audience that no one would get hurt even if he dropped one), and he did a plate spinning act where he balanced 10 plates on pointy sticks at once. Then, he handed out stuffed monkeys that people could sling-shot at the plates to knock them off when he was done. Wesley loved that part. At the end of the act, he showed everyone that juggling scarves (or plastic bags) was a good way to learn how to juggle because they float down and then he ended the show by juggling three full sized bean bag chairs. One landed on his head at the end, which Wesley also loved.

After the show (and ever since), Wesley has used plastic bags and his bowling pin set to put on his own shows at home. He always starts each show from behind the couch, shouting “Attention Everyone. The show is about to start.” Then, he will hit himself in the head with the bowling pins (not juggling them, just showing that it didn’t hurt; which it actually does because his bowling pins are harder than the Loon’s). Then, he’ll juggle two plastic bags. Sometimes even adding flair like putting them under his leg or behind his back. It is super cute.

This morning, he asked to bring ~20 plastic bags to school to teach his friends how to juggle. I can't wait to hear about it when I pick him tonight.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas photos

I'm not sure how this happened, but I thought I'd already posted our photos from Christmas. I know I put them on Facebook, but must have forgotten to upload them here too. Anyway, sorry for the delay, but here are some of the best photos from Christmas Eve and morning.

Enjoying a fire with Daddy on Christmas Eve (Claire is blowing to indicate that the fire is hot).

By the fire with Mommy on Christmas Eve.

Before bed on Christmas Eve.

Claire trying on the bracelets that Santa brought her in her stocking.

Morgan playing with her new reindeer toy.

Wesley opening his dump truck and 'scooper' from Santa while Claire plays with his slinky.

Claire playing with her new kitchen.

Mommy and Claire.

Covering up "baby" for "nigh nigh" time


Trying out his new rocket from Aunt Emily

More Cheeses!

Playing on the slide from Grandma and Grandpa Pataky

"Weeeee" (Claire's favorite new word)

Showing off his monkey skills.

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts. We had a great holiday and hope you did too!

Wesley's art

When Wesley comes to work with me, he often entertains himself by drawing a picture on the dry erase boards we have in the lab. Here's his latest work of art, entitled "Man with recorder". (He recently got a recorder and has loved playing it so much that he wanted to draw a picture of it)