Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas morning

Here are some favorite shots of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Making a picture for Grammy and Poppa's arrival

Eating a snack with Morgan

Funny faces

Making Christmas treats with Grammy

While the boys are programming away

Christmas morning playing with their new kitchen (a great find on our neighborhood listserve)

Claire's new scooter from Santa

Opening gifts Morgan-style

Feeding Baby in her new highchair (oops!  Baby feel over!)

Playing with his new Animal Planet Dinosaur Research Station (a HUGE hit)


Last week, we got 19-20 inches of snow followed by blizzard condition winds (and drifting).  Here are some photos I took of our yard.  Beautiful winter wonderland for Christmas.
Front of the house. Charles used the snowblower the day before, but we got a little more snow overnight.

Down the street from our driveway.  That's our maibox covered in snow in the foreground.

Backyard shot #1: the drift down the middle of the yard is really cool.

There's a sandbox under there somewhere.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday in Chicago

Checking out the Wild Reef exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago with Grandpa Nicol and Daddy

Watching the water rush into the reef tank and pointing out the "Nemo" fish inside

In the afternoon, we went to cousin Annika's 7th birthday party.  Here's Claire laughing it up with cousin Grady.

Climbing up the 4-5 story tower with Daddy

Coming down the slide

Drive drive driving in the car (one of Claire's favorite songs)

Wesley (in blue) with cousin Kelan (red, to the left) bouncing in the moon bounce.  Those are Wesley's legs going up to the right with the striped pants.  (And, YES, he had fun!)

Post-bounce landing

Cousin Kelan on one of the many bikes in the playroom

Claire trying out the moon bounce too

Sliding with Annika in the moon bounce

Wesley pulling Claire with the tractor and wagon (Check out how sweaty his hair is!)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Claire at school - dressup

Claire and her friends love to dress up in costumes and play pretend at school.  Here she is in her favorite costume, a lion.  Note the accessories: corn on the cob, a lion figurine, and, of course, ruby red slippers.  Awesome!  (There are also some pictures from family music time with her class)

Claire and Mommy playing the bells in music class

Being the red robin in the song that hides under his wing when it gets cold outside (aka playing with a scarf)

Claire the Lion #1

Claire the Lion #2

Claire the Lion #3

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa Visits

Santa stopped by our house for another visit this year.  The kids were very excited to see him and even Claire (eventually) sat in his lap.  Here are some photos from the visit and I'll post a video later.
Daddy decorating the tree.  Yes, it IS that big.

Stockings and advent calendars by the fireplace (the two advent calendars are awesome to have because each kid gets to do one calendar each day instead of fighting over whose turn it is)

Wesley rattling off his list of requests for Christmas gifts this year.

Claire and Wesley with Santa

Santa on his way to see other good children

Friday, November 30, 2012

Big Fat Turkey Solo

And, here's Claire singing the solo version.  If you listen carefully, you can hear Wesley whispering the words in the background in case she forgets.

Big Fat Turkey

Wesley and Claire learned some songs at school about Thanksgiving.  Here they are performing the one about a Big Fat Turkey for us at home.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trip to the zoo

We had beautiful weather today!  Just in time for a (unofficial) school field trip to the zoo with Claire's class.  Since the kids are too young to ride a bus for a real field trip, we organized a group trip to the zoo this weekend.  Ten families were able to come and we had a lot of fun.  The weather also cooperated and gave us a great, sunny, warm morning (65 degrees!).  Here are some pictures from our trip.
Roaring like the lion behind her

More roaring! (Even as a zebra)

Cheep cheep

Watching the tortoises

Daddy and Wesley

Climbing the cargo net to the slide


Fun on the slide

Daddy and Wesley on the bridge

Monkey bars!  Look at him go!

Sliding with her friend from class, Wyatt

On the train with Daddy and Wyatt

Taking a ride with Wyatt

Wesley, Claire, Wyatt, and Aubree (in pink) on the carousal