Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa's visit

Last night, we had a surprise visitor stop by the house. Well, it was a surprise for the kids. Charles and I knew he was coming. Our neighborhood organizes an event where volunteer Santas and sometimes their elf or Mrs. Claus helpers come visit the kids at their homes. All we have to do is sign up via email. Super easy and so cute to watch.

So, I was keeping an eye out for Santa at the front window last night before dinner (he was scheduled to arrive at 6:00) when Wesley noticed me. He stopped what he was doing and started watching out the window. Funny enough, that's when Santa drove by (he was riding in the passenger seat of a minivan) with the lights on in the car. Wesley saw him, shrieked that he saw Santa, and then started getting really upset when Santa kept going. (I think the driver wasn't totally sure where our house was) Wesley was very upset that Santa hadn't come to his house because he really wanted to talk to him about Christmas gift ideas. I convinced him that Santa was probably going to another child's house first and would be back later or that his driver was lost (NOT Santa, of course, because he knows where everyone lives).

Sure enough, the car came back within seconds and Wesley started jumping up and down when he saw Santa get out and start walking up our driveway. He ran to the front door and whipped it open. Santa yells out "Why, hello Wesley!" At this point, Wesley goes still, opens his eyes as far as they can go, and has this look on his face like "Santa knows my name!!!" He lets Santa in and after some coaxing proceeds to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas. (Santa wants snow for Christmas if anyone was wondering) Wesley told him that he wanted a garbage truck, a dump truck, and a scooper (our slang for excavator). (Two out of three are in our closet; the garbage truck was a new addition to the list).

Claire was being super shy, hiding her head in my shoulder, and even started to cry when Santa got too close. She eventually warmed up (some) when she saw Wesley was ok with him, but still didn't want to get too close. Wesley informed Santa that Claire wants a baby for Christmas. (And, to clarify for some people, that's a baby DOLL, not another baby sibling. Don't get any ideas from that statement.)

We were able to get some pictures of Wesley with Santa and some with Wesley, Santa, and Daddy holding Claire nearby. I haven't gotten them off my camera yet, but will upload them along with a short video I took of Santa's arrival soon.

Wesley couldn't stop talking about Santa's visit for the rest of the evening. He was very excited to tell his friends about the visit today at school and had all kinds of questions about how Santa got in the chimney, how his gift would possibly fit into a stocking (which is where he thought all gifts from Santa had to go), why Santa's reindeer had to wait at the elementary school down the street while he was visiting us (that was Santa's explanation for where they were), etc. It was a very fun evening and we're happy to be part of such a great neighborhood tradition.

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