Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin carving

A few days before Halloween, Grammy and I helped the kids carve some pumpkins. Wesley liked pulling out all the goop and Claire liked pulling goop and seeds out and trying to eat them. Messy, but fun.

Claire trying to see what's inside the pumpkin (and why we're all making a big fuss about it)

Getting ready to taste the scoop after it's been in the pumpkin.

Wesley making sure we got all the goop (and copying Claire).

Off to the next pumpkin (and a good shot of how much she managed to get on her shirt).

And on her face.

Carving with Grammy and making an "Ewwww" face

What's in here?

Taking another look in the pumpkin to see if there was any good stuff left.

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Mom said...

Claire has an inquisitive mind. That is wonderful.