Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Cowles visit

Grammy and Papa Cowles came for a visit of the long Halloween weekend. They helped us accomplish many of the things we wanted to get done around the house (stripping wallpaper, installing smoke detectors, etc.) and enjoyed spending time with Wesley and Claire. (Thank you for all the help!) They also rented a full-sized van to bring up some things from Kansas to furnish the house. Wesley was fascinated by the van and wanted to go for a ride. We pacified him with some trips up and down the driveway. These are some pictures of his first trip with Papa.

Papa wearing his favorite hat and Wesley wearing the kid's version he received from Papa and Grammy as a gift.

Happy to be getting to ride in the van.

Putting on his worker gloves (not sure why, but it was funny)

Smile for the camera!

What a cutie! (And, yes, his shirt is on backwards. He wanted to see the ball and couldn't see it when it was on his back.)

Getting ready to go.

Helping Grammy strip wallpaper in the family room. Grammy and Papa did practically the whole room while they were here. What a huge help! We're hoping to have it cleaned, primed, and painted by Thanksgiving and will give an "after" picture then.

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Mom said...

I can certainly see the family resemblance between Alan and Wes in the hat pictures.