Monday, October 24, 2011

Wesley introduces his family

When Wesley started school a few months ago, they were asked to bring in a family picture. They've been spending part of the art time making frames for the photos. Now that they're all done, the kids have been taking turns describing their families and answering any questions the other kids have. The teachers send out transcripts for each kid's discussion, which are hilarious. It was finally Wesley's turn to go today, and the transcript is below. Surprisingly, no one asked him if he had an iPad or how many couches he has (those have been common questions over the past few weeks).



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From: Joyce Erickson


Today Wesley introduced us to his family:

Wesley: This is Charles, and that’s me, and that’s Clare (sp?) and that’s mommy, Kim. Charles is my dad. Clare is the baby. I like to play hide and seek with my mommy. I like to play baseball with my mom and dad.

Megan: What do you like to do with your whole family?

Wesley: I like playing with my baby, Clare baby.

Bailey: Do you have computers?

Wesley: Yes, we have 2. Actually we have 3.

Addie: Do you have a dog or a cat?

Wesley: I have a dog, Morgan. I don’t have a cat because Morgan likes to chase cats.

Grant: Do you have a pumpkin at your house?

Wesley: I actually have 5 pumpkins, because I have my school one. Mike gave me a big one.

Cecily: How many calculators do you have at your house?

Wesley: I don’t have a calculator.

Dafna: Do you have the book, “Ducks Don’t Wear Socks?”

Wesley: No, I don’t.

Maya: How old are your mom and dad?

Wesley: I think my dad is 7. I think my mom is 8.

Marika: Do you have a computer?

Wesley: Yes, 3.

Alex: What color is your room?

Wesley: White. It’s my own room.

Paula: Have you always lived in Madison?

Wesley: No, I lived in Chicago and New Jersey. And then the moving truck came.

Thank you, Wesley.

Paula, Samantha (Joyce is out today) and Rosemary


Samantha said...

The part about how old you are is hilarious!!

Kim said...

Yeah. All the kids struggle with that question. One of Wesley's closest friends said that his mom was 19 and his dad was 94. The teachers say that it's something they just can't quite grasp yet at this age.