Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween bonfire

Last night, our neighborhood had their annual Halloween bonfire in Everglade Park behind our house. Our neighborhood representative came over before dinner, gave us a welcome basket, and invited us to join in the fun. So, after dinner, Wesley put on his Halloween costume and all four of us went over the backyard fence to the park. The bonfire was fun for the kids to watch and there were hot chocolate and donut holes (which even Claire enjoyed). Wesley was fascinated by all of the other neighborhood kids in their costumes. He also had lots of questions about how the fire was burning the wood and why a man (also in costume) was spraying the surrounding grass with a hose. He also wanted to know about how the pile of wood kept getting smaller and how the fire would turn the wood to ash. It was a fun discussion.

At one point in the evening, a group of teenage boys were playing soccer at the goal that’s permanently set up at the park. Wesley was avidly watching them play (and I’m sure he wanted to join in but knew he would be too little). One boy saw Wesley watching, came over, and said “Hey little dude. Your costume is sweet.” Wesley didn’t say anything, but he had this look of utter joy on his face. A big kid had talked to him and had told him that his costume was ‘sweet’. (He didn’t know what that meant, but when I explained that the boy liked his costume and thought it was really cool, his smile only got bigger.)

He also managed to come across someone else’s wand (from a wizard costume) in the dark using his flashlight. We found the boy who was searching the grass for it and Wesley was extremely proud that he had helped this boy find part of his costume.

Claire wanted to play soccer too and kept trying to run into the group of boys as they were kicking the ball around.
And, she ‘chased’ (followed) a squealing group of girls in fairy and princess costumes for a while and was screeching away to join in the fun. All in all, a great first neighborhood event for the family.


Mom said...

Sounds like you moved into a friendly neighborhood. I am glad Wesley had such a positive first bon fire experience.

Samantha said...

Like your mom said, it does sound like you moved into a nice neighborhood!