Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random Sept pictures

Claire's hair is getting close to being long enough for pigtails and other fun stuff. Here, she's sporting one of her first hair clips. She usually leaves them alone for a while but ends up pulling them out.

Wesley wanted in on the hair clip action.

On a recent trip to the grocery store, I let Wesley pick out a box of cereal. He chose Rice Crispies (which he's never had before). He loved that it was "talking" cereal and kept trying to listen to it talk to him. He got so into it, that he didn't notice when he dipped his head into the cereal. Check out the cereal in his hair and on his cheek.

Super happy with his new cereal (and wearing it too).

Not sure why Claire looks so shocked in this picture. I think she was probably just babbling at me and I caught her in an awkward pose. I thought it was cute to picture her saying "OMG!"

Trying out the carpet sample to make sure it will be soft enough for napping.

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Mom said...

Tell Wesley I like Rice Krispies too. Good choice. Maybe he will like Alphabets too.