Friday, August 5, 2011

IL stop on the way to Madison

In the drive to Madison, we stopped in Columbus, OH and Champaign, IL to help break up the trip. On the way, Wesley asked if he could "go in the deep corn with Grandpa". So, when we arrived, Grandpa Pataky took us to his corn fields.

Grandpa and Wesley checking out the corn.

Harvesting his first ear.

Oops! Pulled a little too hard.

Grandpa kept encouraging Wesley to try some, but Wesley was hesitant. Here, he finally tried some called Obsession.

When Grandpa tries corn in his fields, he often spits it out (because eating too much raw corn can do things to your digestive system). Wesley saw him spit it out and thought that that's what you were supposed to do. So, after one bite, he bent over and spit it out.

Picking corn with Grandpa and Daddy.

See Mommy!

Ready, set, pull ...

After the corn field trip, Wesley wanted to run in the sprinkler(s).

He loved getting sprayed in the face.

And had a great time.

Look at him go!

Claire liked crawling around in the grass after wiffle balls

She also liked trying to touch the sprinkler. She and Mommy ran up to the sprinkler, she reached out to touch it, and then we would run away before getting wet.

Claire thought this was hilarious.

Practicing her walking.

Checking out the 'bin' for the balls.

Toddling over to Mommy. (She can take 8-10 steps on her own now. We're trying to catch this on the video camera to share soon.)

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