Friday, August 5, 2011

Henry Vilas Zoo (Madison)

This morning, Wesley, Claire, and I celebrated finding a daycare for them by going to the Madison zoo. Here are some pictures from the Children's zoo.

Little Joey Wesley.

Wesley wouldn't stick his head and arms out of the turtle shell, and this look he's giving me is because I made him take a picture when other kids were trying to get in the shell with him. The picture taking wasn't bugging him, but he does not like to be in small places with kids he doesn't know.

Sliding down one of the slides.

Climbing up the tree house net.

The treehouse from the outside.

Claire, watching her brother play.

Outside the giraffe pen. (We had to take this picture because Claire was wearing her giraffe-print pants)


Wesley the lion.

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Mom said...

I tried sending this message last week but server problems (my end) would not let me. When Annika and Kelan were here, they enjoyed these photos. Brookfield Zoo has a kangaroo statue like this one. I have a picture of Annika and Kelan in the pouch too. They thought it was funny that Madison has the same kangaroo.