Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Claire's birthday cake

Here's a video of Claire eating her first birthday cake. Although she didn't face plant into the cake like Wesley did with his first cake, she definitely seemed to like it. She ate it fairly slowly, so this video is only of her eating part of the cake.


Samantha said...

I wonder what she was thinking: "what the heck is this? Oh, it's yummy... I can't stop eating it!"? And btw, are you in a pre-furnished place, or is that all your furniture? It's totally different than what you used to have, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, since it's been ~7 years since I last saw your furniture (dang, that long?). Hope house stuff is going alright.

Mom said...

Claire had a much daintier method of eating cake than Wesley. Also, tell Wesley he was very patient waiting for Claire to eat her cake so he could have some too. Happy birthday, Claire!

Alex B Atterbury said...

Good job, Claire. Efficient, enthusiastic and ambidextrous.